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Meet Guy


My name is Guy Jones.  I am an insurance advisor, a licensed insurance agent and certified and appointed with over 8 medicare insurance companies.

My goal is to be a trusted advisor fo seniors who need help with insurance.  I do not do financial products.

I was a career Aflac agent for 8 years. I have been a Medicare insurance agent for 5 years.  I have 14 agents on my team who cover the Puget Sound Region.

Personally, I am 63 and widowed.  I have four grown children two of whom are disabled. I have had a number of serious health disorders, am obese, am type 2 diabetic, have congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation and take several high tier medications. My wife passed away 4 years ago with a long period of hospitalization completing the last three years paralyzed and on a ventilator but fully cognizant. She was type 1 juvenile diabetic dependent on insulin, had a major car accident, experienced cancer, muscular dystrophy and a coma.

I have had personal experiences in most of the areas that seniors are experienceing or have concerns about.

As an inusrance agent, I have extensive training and certifications which I complete each year.

I like to see myself as "The-Medicare-Guy."

I want to be your agent for life. I want to be there to help you as your needs change.Insurance plans change-but I willl always be there for you.




Guy Jones