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Employee Advisor vs Individual Advisor Programs

We have several programs to assist people with Medicare questions. Depending on your situation you may find one or the other suits you best.  In each program we will work with you individually and your information is held in strict confidence. However, if you are currently employed, you may wish to explore our employee program because we can provide an integration of your Medicare planning with your HR department. If you are looking for a meeting in a retail venue near to you, take a look at that program. And naturally, if you want to meet at a location and time suitable to you, we are happy to oblige.  Our advisors will come to you, just contact us for an agent near to you. is our employee based program. The title is designed to focus on preplanning of retirement with continuous followup into Medicare eligibility and beyond with an emphasis on integration with your company group benefits and the transition from them to Medicare. is our individual oriented program for people who are not participating in our employee program. The high level of advisement is not lessened, it just happens outside of an employee program envelope. Of course we welcome preplanning at an early age but the program title emphasizes that most of our individual contacts are initiated by people fast approaching or already 65. is our retail, event or provider location program. In this program you choose one of our event locations and times and attend.  Retail locations include informal events at Walmart, Fred Myers, Evergreen State Fair and formal events at seminars throughout the Puget Sound. Take a look at our Events Now page for a location and time near you.  If you do not find an event please drop us a note and let us know what is convenient for you an we will try and schedule one.