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Insurance Advisors-our Role

In the business of insurance sales, the person who writes your policy is known as an "Insurance Producer." But for most people, that person is or should be a "Trusted Advisor," appreciated not for producing a sale but for their role in assisting to make the right choice-even if that does not result in a sale.

We believe that it is our role to assist you in making informed, ethical decisions about the insurance solutions you own or are thinking of purchasing.  We do not always find that a discussion about your insurance will result in a change of plans.  We are there to assist you in understanding what plan best meets your needs, medical, financial and lifestyle.

We see our primary role as a "Trusted Advisor." We do not focus on selling, we focus on building and maintaining a relationship. We are consultants first, producers second.


Each of our Advisors is A fully licenced Washington State Insurance Producer as well as being certified by AHIP in Medicare and by each carrier we are appointed with.

When you need to purchase or change your plan, we are there to assist in your decision and then do the paperwork needed to complete the job.