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Diabetes, Medicare And Me

1 in 4 people on Medicare have diabetes. Yet most people have no idea what benefits are available under basic Medicare, or available with a Prescription Drug Plan or with an Advantage plan or Supplemental Insurance Plan.

Learn about how plan types such as HMOs, PPO or Supplemental Insurance with a PDP plan affect your your delivery of care and your access to providers.

Understand how definitions of "Medical Necessity" affect what basic Medicare will pay for and how to appeal these decisions.

Did you know that basic Medicare only covers 80% of diabetic supplies while many Advantage plans cover 100%.

Do you have a CGMS under your current group or individual plan, are turning 65 and do not know that you may not get coverage under basic Medicare A and B?

Join us at one of our seminars to learn all about your options.  These seminars are free.  They are educational without any obligations.