Skip to main content is our employee-based program. The title is designed to focus the individual on pre-planning of retirement.  We offer continuous, periodic follow-up into Medicare eligibility and beyond, with an emphasis on integration with your company’s group benefits and the transition from them to Medicare. A “bridge” to the individuals’ own individual health care coverage.

Everyone talks about turning 62 or turning 65.

Turning 62 is for most people, the first opportunity to start drawing Social Security. BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEDICARE ELIGIBILITY!

The decisions made about early retirement do not affect future eligibility for the federal Medicare program or supplemental private Medicare insurance. 

Turning 65 IS a major milestone. We have a program addressing this called Turning65info.. For most people,  this is when they sign up for both the federal Medicare program and a private insurance plan if they are retiring or are no longer covered under a group health insurance plan

What we discuss here is pre-planning of the transition to the Medicare program in the future, be it 65 or even older.

While we used to recommend waiting until 64, we now recommend sitting down with an advisor at 63. This gives them time to fully understand the ramifications of life decisions about retirement and the health insurance decision that follow.

Contact your HR department or company and see if this program is currently available there. If not, let us know and we will reach out to them and share the value of the program.

Remember, in any case, WE WORK FOR YOU.