The Meaning of "WeSpeakMedicare"

When people talk about Medicare Insurance Plans as well as Original Medicare and Medicaid, the most often heard comment is "I don't understand."  We hear this from consumers as well as many in the health care field and yes, even in the insurance industry when agents not certified to offer Medicare insuance products try to help.

Our Advisors are required each year to re-certifiy their understanding of these concepts through continuing education classes as well as a national exam and carrier required courses and exams.  Many of our Advisors are seniors themselves, or have family members on Medicare or Medicaid so they have real life experiences to help them understand the consumer side of the equation.

All our agents are state licenced insurance producers, have years of experience in the insurance field and because we are Brokers, are trained by multiple carriers in a host of products.

In short, WE SPEAK MEDICARE!!! and we will translate it for you!